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An SEO Method for Building Backlinks

In the arena of search engine optimization, the most widely-used methods of website promotion are content marketing, article marketing, guest posting, and blog commenting. All of these methods are generally free ways of obtaining backlinks, which are the life-blood of any website hoping to rank in the search engines.

While the algorithms of the three major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, are configured somewhat differently, they all place value on backlinks from these three arenas. Consider the details of these methods which figure so prominently in the search engines and, in turn, help your business gain visibility and traffic.

How Well Does Blog Commenting Work Today?

Blog commenting was certainly the most popular and the most powerful form of getting backlinks in the early days of weblog promotion.

These days, however, because of the inexorable rise of SPAM, many blogs apply a certain attribute called the nofollow tag that asks search engines not to count any comments left on their pages towards enhancing the backlink profile of the commenter.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean it is completely pointless to comment on those sites, because the search engines will still count them to a smaller extent, as an example of the popularity of the commenter on the web.

Gain control Over Your Link-Building Campaign

Article marketing how to seems to have surpassed blog commenting because of the control it gives a blogger over his or her links. Most of the article directories embrace the dofollow link, which their way of basically paying you for your content. This sam method also helps you improve Alexa rank – the lower this number is, the better for SEO.

Your content makes them money because of the AdSense ads tailored to the subject of the content; so it is only fitting that they reciprocate to some extent.

Other article directories apply the nofollow tag as a response against poorly-written content and SPAM, but if the Page Rank is high enough, they command a large enough imprint of human traffic to warrant including them in your article marketing plan.

Advanced Article Marketing – Guest Blogging

The final method of getting backlinks that shouldn’t cost you anything other than time is guest blogging.

This is actually not all that different from article marketing, at its root.

Use Google’s search engine to locate blogs and websites similar to your own in subject, if not in content, and approach them for the opportunity to guest blog.

Of course, you should first familiarize yourself with their site and learn the writing style and general topics they prefer. In this way, guest blogging is like a supercharged form of article marketing, because it requires a bit more research and better execution.

Additionally, if you put your best foot forward and the blog owner decides not to approve your article, you can simply go back to article marketing and submit the high quality article to a directory.

Then, because guest blogging provides such powerful backlinks, you should go back to the drawing board and construct a better blog post.

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