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Massive List Building With Rebrandable Reports

If you want to build massive subscriber lists that will make you a ton of money, you need to use viral marketing tactics within your list building system. Viral marketing is about getting others to spread the word about your web pages and products. Building a massive list gets a whole lot easier when you get a lot of people to help you do it!

Using “rebrandable” reports is an essential technique to use if you really want to build a huge list … quickly!

To encourage your visitor to sign up to your list, you need to offer your visitor a compelling reason to do so. A simple way to do this is to give away a free digital report that offers information specific to the niche subject you’re building a list for.

Here’s the critical viral element though … make your free report “rebrandable”.

Allowing your subscriber to rebrand your report gives them a great incentive to pass it on to others.

What does rebrandable mean?

Well basically, when you allow your subscribers to rebrand your report, you’re allowing them to change some of the url links in the report to their own affiliate links. This encourages your subscriber to give your report away to others because it will be your subscriber who then gets paid an affiliate commission from the sales your report generates!

Ok, so you lose affiliate commissions, but thats a small price to pay for the additional longer term subscribers your getting, subscribers you wouldn’t be getting had your report not been distributed for you.

Remember your prime goal is to build a huge list as quickly as possible, not to worry about losing the odd affiliate sale along the way.

To make rebrandable reports successful in terms of exploding your list, you “must” leave the reader of the report with a compelling need to visit your site in search of further information. Your report therefore must include a link to a squeeze page on your site where your reader can access some critical information or valuable free gift.

If you fail to include this compelling reason to visit your site, you’ll lose the viral benefits because your report will be passed on to many people, but they won’t come back to your site and join your list!

To learn more about how to actually:

– rebrand your report

– create a valuable report with killer viral content

– target your report to the exact needs of your niche

– design a high converting squeeze page

you should visit the web site below.

Building a large subscriber list is the best way to make a lot of money online, both short term and longer term. Once you have your own list you can make money whenever you want for the cost of your time writing a short email. A list is a valuable asset.

A rebrandable report with a compelling reason included for the reader to visit your site is a potent viral marketing tool, and I highly recommend that you use them as part of your list building armoury.

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